The organiser

Mr.India Manhunt International a part of Mr Manhunt International is organized by pageant company MIBQ and THE ROCK events.


MIBQ pageants is a beauty pageant company started by Bir Kaur Dhillon along with her sister Rose Khaira.In 2014 MIBQ pageants launched “Mrs. India Beauty Queen" a beauty pageant for married women that celebrates and admires the accomplishments and achievements of a wife, a mother, a complete woman with true beauty and intelligence.

MIBQ believes that pageants provide a platform where both men and women have an opportunity to make a difference in the world. MIBQ holds the highest standards of integrity and conducts all competitions under the pageant in a fair and unbiased manner. It will provide an experience that provides empowerment, enriching opportunities for personal growth; challenges and inspires individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures to come together nationally and internationally; supports lifelong commitment to uplifting those in need ; and develops a sense of global responsibility.


THE ROCK events

HP Gill, Director of "THE ROCK' events will be bringing Mr. India Manhunt International 2016. In the past "The Rock" successfully executed MIBQ 2015 (Mrs. India Beauty Queen, a national pageant for married women). HP Gill has been a fitness consultant for more than 18yrs helping people change their bodies and their lives. His impressive work history includes work place corporate fitness design programs as well as individual training and grooming sessions. He believes that in today's new mentality of health and wellness we need to engage our youth in programs that can showcase their personality and character to their full potential.